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Releasing Your Dreams

Journaling: one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I’ve been Journaling for decades. My writing began when I was a conflicted and confused, emotionally hyper-sensitive teenager, and never stopped for any real length of time. Over the years my Journaling transitioned from an outlet for raw emotions — filling page after page with the full spectrum of heady joy to deep despair – to something much quieter and more philosophical. More honest, as I connect the dots between ‘what’s given, and what’s received’ (and my role in that balance).

Keeping a Journal is one of the most worthwhile and therapeutic activities I know of. The writing itself is not the main-thing. It doesn’t matter to me how my words spill out, fit together, or look on the page of my notebook. What I look forward to, as I write, are the feelings that come up in the process. It might feel like clarity; or relief; or peace. Recently I decided that, instead of Journaling about events, encounters, and my reactions to both, I’d try something different. It felt pretty amazing.

In the world of Organizational Psychology (it’s used in other settings as well, but OP is what I know), the other AI ( totally distinct from what we all recognize as ‘artificial intelligence’) is a tool called Appreciative Inquiry. This AI is a process for helping individuals and groups through Change. But rather than starting with a look at what’s not working, AI side-steps reality for a minute and allows a deep-dive into fantasy. How things could be; the ideal scenario; how we want and need things to be. Accordingly the first of four steps in AI is called “Dream”.

If Readers have explored creative visualization or read the teachings of Abraham, they know the value of feeling the sensation of what you desire as being fully present in your life now. It’s like putting on VR goggles and stepping into the world of your sweetest imaginings. The Job is there. The Relationship is there. The New Baby is there. Abundance is there. Whatever your desires, this is a true garden of delight. Abraham calls this place of mind and heart “The Vortex”.

What does this have to do with my Journaling? My new daily (well, almost daily – not quite yet) journaling goal is to use a variation of the Dream activity of Appreciative Inquiry. The more I do it, the longer an aura or glow of peace and joy extends throughout my day.

Anyone can do this. What are your deepest, most heartfelt desires? Without allowing your mind for even a split-second to make a list of all the reasons why you don’t deserve Happiness, just start writing. What your heart wants; how it feels, to have what your heart wants. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, what your circumstances are, what your waking-dream is about.

The point is to – if you were making a painting – pick your colors, drag your buckets to the biggest canvas you’ve ever seen, and just start splashing paint according to whatever feelings and rhythms feel right for you. If you decide to Journal, fantasize and feel into how you want your life to look. All that’s required is a piece of paper, something to write with, and, the ‘permission’ you give yourself to feel the way you want to – for as long as you allow yourself this luxury. This kind of Journaling can be your exclusive private time — your brief escape from your current reality.

This isn’t just wasted time, or pointless day-dreaming. This is truly powerful stuff, validated by individuals and organizations, large and small; and you have access to it, any time you choose to release your dreams.

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