Welcome to Reflections on Living Bravely. These are my personal stories and perspectives about choosing to live with more confidence. Especially over time, as we grow into ourselves. I believe that our beauty, clarity and wisdom evolve as we age, as long as our beliefs and actions are in harmony with who we really are.

It takes courage to look at our own lives, see what’s working and what isn’t. The ‘what isn’t’ part leads us right back to the feelings we have about ourselves.

I extend relationship, even through cyberspace, to you. Whatever your age, gender or circumstance — when you feel ‘wobbly’, you’re not alone. We all want more certainty and inner peace; more connectedness and more love in our lives. We want to know that we deserve love. This understanding starts with a journey within. It grows with practice.

I value the innate intelligence of humankind. I choose to promote people, relationships and creativity more than what might be ‘trending’ in social media. Through my writing, I hope to encourage you, the Reader, to always consider your Self, to always honor your Self, in all of the choices and decisions that you make. My goal is to inspire you to feel and act in ways that bring more happiness and well-being into your life.

Michele M.A., Counseling Psychology PsyD., Organizational Development northstarod@gmail.com (coaching and consulting info.)

6 April, 2020